As a member of the PLAY FAIR project team

• abide by the Panathlon Chellenge rules which govern my particular sport

• abide by the referee´s decision at all times and never question an official´s decision, regardless of whether in my view it is right or wrong

• respect the differences of all participants regardless of their colour, ability or disability, gender, culture or background

• remind my friends, colleagues, teachers and parents that to use racist or sexist language on or off the field of play is now a criminal offence

• avoid being aggresive in my actions and words and to never swear

• avoid cheating to be seccessful

• be modest in both victory and defeat

• be a part of and to encourage team spirit at all times

• never jeer or boo my opponents

• encourage and support at all times those around me – especially those that may not be as good as me

• take part and enjoy my sport, to meet new friends and compete to the best of my ability without ´ winning´winning at all costs

• be an ambassador for my school

Partners school

Project coordinator

Great Britain – Ashville College from Harrogate

Bournville school from Birmigham

Project partners

France – Collage lycee Saint Michael from Chateau Gontier

Italy – Istituto di Struzione Superiore Cartesio from Olevano Romano

Germany – Berufsbildende Schule from Hannover

Austria – Polytechnische Schule from Grieskirchen

Czech Republic – Masarykova stredná škola chemická from Prag

Associated partners

• OZ Colours, SNP 16, 927 01 Šaľa Regional Non- profit association

• Mesto Šaľa- Mestský úrad, Námestie Sv. Trojice 7, 927 15 Public authority /local/

• Klub šport. plávania /KŠP/ Triton, Novomestského 22, Šala Regional Non profit association